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Seslinian vs. Zebiccoon part 6
Another carriage of passengers died when the bat sliced open the roof; they forced open the doors of the train and jumped to their deaths. The survivors were finished off when the bat tore the train from its tracks and hurled it into the Underground station, causing passengers to be embedded in glass.
For the Overground and Underground stations, the bat destroyed the tracks simply by standing on them; electricity surged through its body but the bat didn't care and instead did what it had done to the DVR. But the Overground was even worse as people jumped off the trains and onto the tracks where they got themselves electrocuted.
In an interview with Grayson Randall, the Minister of Defense stated that the Army would combat the bat and the Armed Forces were indeed called in; but the bat didn't care and instead wiped them from the face of the Earth. Finally, the bat took one last look around at the ruins of London and flew off again. Destination: Buckinghamshire more than likely.
In Bucki
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Wmbc20100406-070 by Adam-Walker Wmbc20100406-070 :iconadam-walker:Adam-Walker 5 0 Claire Adams upside down spanking by Adam-Walker Claire Adams upside down spanking :iconadam-walker:Adam-Walker 0 0 Analise tested by Adam-Walker Analise tested :iconadam-walker:Adam-Walker 1 0 Woman in a black latex catsuit tied to a chair by Adam-Walker Woman in a black latex catsuit tied to a chair :iconadam-walker:Adam-Walker 5 0 Objectified by Adam-Walker Objectified :iconadam-walker:Adam-Walker 2 0
Seslinian vs. Zebiccoon part 5
In another interview on BBC News, Charles Williamson may have been more sympathetic than Grayson but the roles were switched this time so Williamson tore his interviewee to pieces; it probably didn't help that unlike Bunker, the interviewee was not prepared even in the slightest. Thankfully for the minister, there came a power cut and no one was able to see his humiliation anymore...
People of the BBC's headquarters, London, were fearful of the power cut and were essentially forced outside and horror of horrors, there was the bat...
Even before the bat began its terror spree, it was already causing chaos; Traffic was ground to a halt, delays on buses and trains were rampant and the streets of London were more busier than ever. Moreover, DVR trains, London Overground trains, normal regular trains and some London Underground stations, specifically those operating on the Metropolitan, Hammersmith and City and some other lines which were not entirely underground were forced to halt.
As the
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Seslinian vs. Zebiccoon part 4
Almost no-one apart from the Vixens knew about Forbflaith or her capture by PHANTOM...instead, the attention of the people and of Seslinian was attracted to the sky, not because the Ceapseohawk was back but because of fears that an old Earth enemy was back: A Gyaos, but was that true?
With Forbflaith under PHANTOM captivity, her captors rallied their allies in the form of the GARGOYLE, SILENCE and TERROR organizations to capture Forbflaith's only allies; the Women of the Night. As this occurred, England's streets were clear for the time being of Vixen conflicts but with the presence of a bat like figure flying over England, it casted doubt into humanity and it also caused fear within the normally bold Seslinian who had taken on Britain's Armed Forces, Kouleton, Blasteovark, Jomnune, Keeceleon, and alongside his mate, Flamiglaux.
That night though, the bat like figure sparked fear into another group: Politicians. And there could be no man who could strike fear into politicians than the
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Seslinian vs. Zebiccoon part 3
If Forbflaith was not abhorred by the Vixens and was actually part of the Vixens, then she would feel that these women were not part of PHANTOM and were sent by another terrorist organization. And it would be understandable because the suits were not made of latex or leather, like those worn by PHANTOM women, but instead were made of spandex, like zentais. And that's what they were.
The figures got closer to the house and before Forbflaith could even try to fight them off, the women were in. They all rounded on the Vixen and threw her to the ground. One of them then cuffed her hands behind her back and another put a hood over her face then the figures dragged her away. But where would the figures take Forbflaith and what did they want with her?
The answer of Forbflaith's destination was one of the main PHANTOM bases, if not the main PHANTOM base, in Russia. Specifically in the Russian Far East, around the area of Siberia. Here, the Vixen was seated in front of the women who kidnapped h
:iconadam-walker:Adam-Walker 2 0
Seslinian vs. Zebiccoon part 2
The Irish Vixen was not trusted and was even reviled by the Vixen criminal organization, but in the past Forbflaith appealed to terrorists in the 20th Century when we first met her, and in the 51st Century, she appealed to terrorists even more.
That night, PHANTOM saw their chance to snatch the creator of Seslinian the Invincible. But PHANTOM were just as unpredictable as North Korea was, when it existed and was not merged again when the Company came to power; what would PHANTOM want with the Vixen?
When we first witnessed PHANTOM, four women from that organization already captured the Serbian Vixen Olga Petrov, and that night four other un-named PHANTOM women came for Forbflaith that night. That night, Forbflaith was wandering around her house, as if she was planning to escape from house arrest in the same way she escaped from the Blackstorm Institute. Her plan was foiled though, when she saw shadowy figures outside.
But when she went to look though, there was nothing there. Even so,
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Seslinian vs. Zebiccoon part 1
While the Mammal Wars were fought in England though, Seslinian's creator Forbflaith Hennessy had been forgotten about, even since she was taken into military custody. Current events though would bring her back into the public view and into the particular view of the British Vixens.
News of Forbflaith's current whereabouts however, would only be revealed to the British Vixens because everyone knew what would happen if news of her whereabouts went public: There would be protests all over the United Kingdom, from Doncaster to Durham, from Aberdeen to Edinburgh, from Newcastle to Norfolk and from Ambleside to Grasmere to name a few places. The news was though, that Forbflaith was not released.
Yes, she was released from military custody and had completed medical treatment for the weapons that the Army inflicted on Seslinian, but instead of bringing her into the public, the Army did something more outrageous than release her in the eyes of animal rights activists: The Army put the Vixen und
:iconadam-walker:Adam-Walker 1 0
Seslinian vs. Zebiccoon prologue
In the 20th Century, monsters such as Godzilla, Jiger, Gyaos, Rodan and Gamera, from the top of one's head had journeyed the Earth with intentions of some being more malicious than others; for instance, in 1954, Godzilla was awakened to wreak havoc on Japan because he was disturbed by the H Bomb tests while Gamera was often forced into battle with other monsters.
This was almost the case in the 51st Century as well, where Firroth started off as hating humanity and while he was still apathetic about it, it still pertained to the fact he was still forced to do battle with other hostile dragons and even a hostile alien hydra. No one knew however, that the 51st Century would see Earth become the battleground for at least three conflicts: The Reptile Wars of the East that psychic Vixens would ultimately predict, the Mammal Wars in the West mentioned by Flamiglaux and the Vixen-PHANTOM conflict in the West.
So far in the 51st Century, specifically in the West, which is what we have focused o
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Future of our Destiny part 13 and epilogue
As the Vixens thrived, PHANTOM struggled and while it gained Forbflaith and the Women of the Night, it solely brainwashed them. But what happened to PHANTOM? In the end, it perished in the Reptile Wars with its men killed by Quenth the Destroyer and its women seized by the Vixens.
Even with the dissolution of these organizations later however, the world was not at Utopia just yet: War was over but it still had one problem left: Crime. Three centuries later, saw the rise of another criminal organization composed of women after the dissolution of the Vixens and their allies.
In the 54th Century, the Vixens and PHANTOM were gone and replaced by another criminal organization known as the Ladies in Leather; not the best name for a criminal organization I know, but what can you do? Anyway, these were just like the Vixens, but with one difference: The Ladies in Leather were spread to North America, specifically in the United States.
Too bad that our story involving the Ladies in Leather is a
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Wmbc20100406-080 by Adam-Walker Wmbc20100406-080 :iconadam-walker:Adam-Walker 5 2 Wmbc20100406-076 by Adam-Walker Wmbc20100406-076 :iconadam-walker:Adam-Walker 4 0 Wmbc20100406-073 by Adam-Walker Wmbc20100406-073 :iconadam-walker:Adam-Walker 3 0
The drawings I have done and the stories and songs I have wrote.

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Exactly what it says in the title.

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A female character got killed? Oh how sexist! by Boschian-Fantasies I may not have killed many off. I don't care, if anything I think killing them off makes them stronger.…

Like some people on here I am a retired crossover maker and am also a stage actor, a writer and the founder of the two untermation wikis which you can find listed below:…


Useful links and this is where I get names like Firroth, Seslinian, Tyrath and more recent humans like Stanislava Iskrenova Blagoeva from Defenders of Earth for instance:

And another for some titles of my series. Especially human ones like The Mammal Wars and the series on my second wiki:
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