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Warlords epilogue
Nelarth was forced to retreat from Mongolia back to the Himalayas and for the two dragons that had forced him to flee, it was time for them to retreat: Back to the Caucasus Mountains where they were spotted by several other dragons with one of them being Firroth who, along with yet another dragon, was one of the first dragons to greet Venia back to the Caucasus.
In the Himalayas meanwhile, another shadow dragon welcomed Nelarth back home. The voice of it told the dragon: "Lord Nelarth! I was, so relieved to hear of your...survival."
To some extent, it almost sounded fake. As in, the voice tried too hard to sound sycophantic that it failed. Hard.
"As I'm sure was the whole Empire..." Nelarth snarled as if the voice had been planning to overthrow the dragon; just like he had done in the past with his own leader. It was how he had got to his position as "Lord of the Black" after all. "Humanity is seemingly back at war again with this PHANTOM organisation I mentioned to Sarmeyzmal and thei
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Warlords part 7
Their fight took to the skies and eventually resulted in a chase that ended in rural Mongolia where Venia finally shredded Nelarth's wings causing him to fall into the country and possibly die. But this wasn't the end for Nelarth as Venia found out when he landed.
"You left me no choice, Nelarth..." Venia told himself.
But Nelarth proved him wrong: Venia had shot him down over an assortment of Buddhist temples and from the wreckage, the dragon emerged telling him: "That's where your wrong, Venia. Now. Let's begin our war again! On this miserable, insignificant world!"
"So be it. We have fought on Earth for centuries, Nelarth; why stop fighting now?" Venia hissed and began his assault on Nelarth, starting with a fire blast. Nelarth retaliated with a puff of smoke that extinguished that flame. The dragons began lumbering towards each other and reared up to fight each other and on their hind legs, grappled with each other trying to push the other one over. Inside one of the temples, a fea
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Warlords part 6
While the dragon laid briefly stunned, the people of St. Petersburg turned around to witness his attacker: Venia, Lord of the Skies, commander of what was apparently called the "Defenders of Earth": Bright amber eyes sat deep within the creature's thorny, scaled skull, which gave the creature a rather intimidating looking appearance. Several crystal growths sat atop its head, just above its short, angular ears. Several rows of tendrils ran down the sides of each of its jaw lines. Its nose was small and had two wide, rounded nostrils and there was a small horn on its chin. Several rows of large teeth poked out from the side of its mouth and gave a preview of the terror hiding inside.
A long neck ran down from its head and into a slim body. The top was covered in small, green-grey scales and rows of small crystal growths ran down its spine. Its bottom was covered in curved scales and was coloured much darker than the rest of its body. Six mighty limbs carried its body and allowed the cre
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Warlords part 5
Unlike Quenth who gave himself a runner to attack Firroth and Rivelnesh after healing his wings when they last fought, Nelarth's wings already kicked into action and once he said "Starting with PHANTOM's base: Russia." the dragon set off for that country. And just as Nelarth headed to Russia, a similar scene happened in the Caucasus Mountains with the dragon known as "Venia, Lord of the Skies" observing the landscape.
"Is that...who I think it is..." he asked himself as Venia saw the black figure in the distance and set off after it and certainly living up to his name as "Lord of the Skies": The highest a regular plane can go is about 45,000 feet before it breaks apart. Venia flew up to about double that at 90,000 feet. Lord of the Skies indeed.
And for someone called "Lord of the Black", Nelarth was just as graceful as the natural Lord of the Skies in the form of Venia who was said by numerous Vixen psychics to be his rival. And as one of the most powerful dragons in what was called "
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Warlords part 4
PHANTOM may have been based in Russia and the Slavic world, but the sheer intensity and devotion to its cause including the sheer acclaim that Vojislav received as Edgar introduced him to the stage seemed to make it look like if PHANTOM took over the world with GARGOYLE, SILENCE and TERROR, they would try to mimic the Third Reich and become as devoted to the Nazis as the Black Sun organisation of the 22nd Century were.
In Russia meanwhile, the Vixen atmosphere was very, very subdued and quiet...until Anastasia and Nezabravka declared the Vixen slogan "Faith carries us! Faith protects us!" at which point it became full of recruits showing their support to the Vixens' cause shouting the same thing while giving raised fists in support.
Several countries south of Russia, the situation was even more quiet: In the Himalayas, the dragon known as "Nelarth, Lord of the Black" by numerous psychic Vixens left his cave and observe the distance. He snarled to himself: "Each generation has cried out
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Warlords part 3
In contrast to the audience at the PHANTOM presentation, the audience in front of the Vixen/Jackal/Tigress leaders was much more subdued and awaited the person who was going to come. Suddenly the auditorium was plunged into darkness except for a blinding white light that shone on the fire exit in the bottom right hand corner of the room.
The doors to the fire exit opened and the light grew even brighter to the point of making the figure a bright white, glowing figure almost like a messianic figure and it continued to shine on it as it marched up to the stage making it almost impossible to view. The lights started to become the opposite way round as the figure approached the microphone in the centre of the stage however; i.e. the stage light became dimmer and the room lights became brighter.
On the stage was the woman who had declared war on PHANTOM and helped Stanislava and the rest of the Vixens under her command escape from Bulgaria after the country faced Firroth's wrath (until he u
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Warlords part 2
PHANTOM was not the only organisation based in Russia at that time, let alone an auditorium. Their enemies were also in Russia in the form of the Vixens; but the Vixens' situation was much more different: While PHANTOM was allies with three other organisations in the form of GARGOYLE of the Middle East, SILENCE of South Asia and TERROR of Southeast and East Asia (or rather, China, Laos, Vietnam and Burma), its allies stayed where they were.
On the Vixens' side on the other hand, were some of the most powerful women involved in the coalition against PHANTOM: From the Eastern Vixens, these included Lidiya Gorysivna Panchenko of Ukraine, Stanislava Blagoeva of Bulgaria, Natasza Glos of Poland, Bianka Halasz of Hungary, Stela Rudeanu of Romania, Dagmara Loupalova of the Czech Republic, Nazifa Delic of Bosnia, Mia Zanic of Croatia, Sava Avramov of Serbia and Tatiana Radiae of Slovenia.
With the Eastern Vixens were another type of Vixens: The Western Vixens and their leaders included Rebekka
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Warlords part 1
Shortly after Zhakuh was defeated, Firroth just kept on meeting dragonesses and the next dragoness he met in the form of Rivelnesh turned out to be his eventual mate; even if she wanted nothing to do with him at first. It wasn't until the pair drove Sarmeyzmal and Quenth back to the Himalayas did they start to grow even closer.
But Rivelnesh was not the only dragon that had fought without Firroth at first; so did Kilarth, his one shot enemy and eventual ally in driving Zhakuh away from Earth. Our story is the third story not to include Firroth; and our story begins in Russia. Specifically in an auditorium that looked like an opera house auditorium.
On the stage were eleven Slavic men and a robot and in front of him were several other Slavic men and women, but remarkably no other robots; in fact, the only robot on stage was the man's right hand...machine. And one of the men on stage was the Russian PHANTOM leader Vojislav Timofeyevich Strekalov, a forty seven year old Russian man with f
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Ball gagged close up by Adam-Walker Ball gagged close up :iconadam-walker:Adam-Walker 0 0 Bottle suck trainer in my light blue catsuit by Adam-Walker Bottle suck trainer in my light blue catsuit :iconadam-walker:Adam-Walker 1 0 Ball gagged by Adam-Walker Ball gagged :iconadam-walker:Adam-Walker 1 0 Light blue catsuit and high heels closeup by Adam-Walker Light blue catsuit and high heels closeup :iconadam-walker:Adam-Walker 0 0 Light blue catsuit and high heels by Adam-Walker Light blue catsuit and high heels :iconadam-walker:Adam-Walker 1 0 Bottle suck trainer in my purple catsuit by Adam-Walker Bottle suck trainer in my purple catsuit :iconadam-walker:Adam-Walker 1 0
Warlords prologue
Previously on Defenders of Earth: Since his awakening in the 51st Century, Firroth had fought a combination of Earth threats in the form of Tyrath (which really wasn't much of a threat to humanity as he was to Firroth as it was more of a power struggle than anything), Quenth the Destroyer and fellow hostile dragon Sarmeyzmal.
But along the way, he had also gained another kind of enemy: Alien foes. One was the Hydra, Zhakuh, and the other was his most recent foe in the form of the alien dragon Inhusrelun, which like Zhakuh, took three dragons to force him to withdraw from Earth: Himself, an old enemy in the form of his first enemy Tyrath, and a new ally in the form of Julmunvu.
And Tyrath and Julmunvu were just two allies that Firroth had: When he fought Zhakuh, Firroth at first wanted nothing to do with the Hydra at first, instead leaving humanity to perish by the Hydra's heads. It wasn't until him and another dragon Kilarth saw another dragon in the form of Saphira who actually cared
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Corrupted by Hell part 7 and epilogue
"Then it pleases me to be the first. Now get Selma down there, before her friend loses her mind forever!", he said the first part in a deadpan manner and then practically ranted at Hermann to get Selma down to the Das Schwert hideout A.S.A.P.
The instant Hermann hung up, he gave Selma the antidote to Helga's transformation and sent her home. At her own home, the agent grabbed a full body towel and got down to the Das Schwert hideout as quickly as possible.
Inside the hideout, Daemon was fighting a losing battle against Helga and tried setting her on fire, but she bit at his flamethrower and severed its connection to one of his gauntlets which made Daemon's flamethrower not only useless and ineffective, but it also looked like it was a piece of tube dangling from a gauntlet.
While Daemon was fighting Helga, Alistair entered the hideout as well and began shooting at Helga causing Helga to stop going after Daemon and start going after him; "Now you've done it!" Alistair said to himself as
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The drawings I have done and the stories and songs I have wrote.

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Anastasia pierce hogtied in latex by Adam-Walker

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Anastasia Pierce in latex by Adam-Walker

Leather gloves in cuffs by Adam-Walker
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Ilsa Hauppman was originally a lot of composites including the Red Skull, Ilsa the She Wolf of the SS, Bane and later the Abomination.
The Warlord was a lot of Anton Vanko mixed with Psycho Mantis and later the White Queen and Shadow King of X-men fame.
The Iron Chancellor is like and evil Reed Richards, but I always loved the "brain in a jar" trope.
Koschei the Deathless and Baba Yaga are both figures that play prominently in Russian folklore.
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Speaking of the Red Skull, the Iron Chancellor to some extent reminds me of another Captain America villain: Arnim Zola. The fact that The Iron Chancellor is essentially a brain in a jar, I feel, also just makes him all the more creepy.

I myself have also used two supervillains as inspiration as well.
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